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Need For Speed: No Limits – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Need For Speed: No Limits is the latest entry into the long-tenured racing franchise by Electronic Arts. This game keeps the races short and sweet as you speed through cities, going up against rookies and seasoned racers alike, all in an attempt to out-run, out-boost and out-drift them. There are a ton of prizes to win such as reputation, RP (reward points) and gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for Need For Speed: No Limits!

No matter how well you stick to the road or if you go off-road, or how tight of a turn that you take, you’ll notice that you NEVER lose speed on any road. You’ll always continue gaining speed, so there’s no need to worry about how hard you turn. Just try to take the inside line as much as possible to cut distance off of how far you need to go in order to catch up to and/or beat other racers.

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Drafting and nitrous will both help you gain speed rapidly so that you can beat other racers. Combine them both for major speed effects. To draft, get behind a car until the last second, and as you gain speed, get out of the way and zoom around them. Even if you are ahead in the race, use nitrous to make sure that you get further ahead, stay ahead, and ensure a victory.

The way to get new cars is to get the blueprints. To find out where to get the blueprints aside from the Loading Docks, go to the garage and tap on the car that you want the blueprints for, whether you actually have the car or not. If you have the car, tap on the magnifying glass in the lower-right corner to see the locations. Tap on any car that you don’t have and you will see the location right away. For example, the Ford Mustang GT blueprints can be found in Chapter 9. The insane Koenigsegg CCX blueprints are in Chapter 19.

If you are planning to purchase gold, the most cost-effecting way of doing so is to use the gold card pack, which can buy you more gold every day in exchange for one payment of $2.99 or whatever the local equivalent of that is if you’re not playing from the USA. If you want to get free gold, gain reputation so that you can level up.

The more levels you gain, the more new areas you will end up unlocking. If you get to level 8 you’ll unlock the black market for better parts. Level 15, and you will unlock the showroom, so that you can buy cars immediately instead of waiting on the right amount of blueprints. Level 7, and you can unlock the Modshop.