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Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector – How to get all of the rare cats (with English translations)

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector lets you collect a ton of different cats. They show up at your yard, play around a bit, and sometimes leave you gifts, such as silver and goldfish even. Some cats are rarer than others in this game, though, and they don’t show up as often, especially the infamous Kuriimu/Cream/Peaches. Read on to find out how to get all of the rare cars in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector.

To get Ekicho/Ekichou (Conductor Whiskers), place a Twisty Rail somewhere in your yard. Food doesn’t really matter. As always, though, premium food has a better chance of drawing it in.
To get Tatejima (Joe DiMeowgio), buy a baseball and put it somewhere in your cat yard. Have food out, although what food isn’t all that important.
Sphinx or Sufin (AKA Ramses the Great) can be drawn in by putting out the pyramid tent. Food doesn’t matter.

To get Bistro/Bisuturo (Guy Furry), put out either the stove or the glass vase. Or put out both for even better chances.
To get Nekomata (Saint Purrtrick), put out either the Kotatsu or the red crepe pillow or both. Food doesn’t matter too much.
To get Nagagutsu (Señor Don Gato), put out Mister Mouse (looks like a fishing pole with a mouse on the end of it).

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To get Manzoku (Tubbs), the item doesn’t matter. Put our rare food such as Sashimi or Fancyfeast for a better shot at earning this cat. You don’t even need to have an item around.
Buy the Cat Metropolis to get Yamaneko (Bob the Cat) to show up. Food doesn’t really matter, although it helps.
Osamurai (Mr. Meowgi) will show up if you get either the Scratching Log or the Sakura Pillow. Double the chance if you have them both.

With Koikoi (Ms. Fortune), once again it doesn’t matter too much what food is out. Get a Cardboard House set up and this cat will grace you with her presence.
Amesho (Lady Meow Meow) can be attracted by putting the red hammock out. Its favorite food is Sashimi.
Nabaneko (Chairman Meow) can be attracted by putting out the Earthenware Pot.

Maroyamu (Kathmandou) can be attracted by putting out the Temari Ball somewhere in your yard. Food doesn’t matter with this cat so much.
Prince/Purinsu (Xerxes IX) will show up if you put out a Zanzibar Cushion in your cat yard. This cat also likes sashimi, so that will increase the odds of getting it to show up.

Cream or Kuriimu (Peaches) is not technically rare but is one of the toughest cats to catch. She’s very fickle and will show up at very random and rare times, although there is a multitude of different food and items (both common and rare) that draw her in.