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Neo Monsters – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Neo Monsters: Dragon Trainer is an excellent new monster-collecting RPG by NTT Resonant, who has become famous for Dragon Island Blue and Hunter Island. You just inherited the ranch of your rather infamous uncle, and your goal is to become a top monster trainer just like he was – only, without all of the bad stuff that he apparently did. Read on for some tips and tricks for Neo Monsters!

Catching monsters is both the point of this game, and your method of advancement; however, it can be a bit tricky to do. Dropping their health into the red zone increases your chances of catching it, while status ailments such as poison help as well. After the catch, you have to win the battle, though, or you will lose the monster that you just caught.

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Pay attention to how many seconds are added to the bar by each attack. An attack which seems weak can actually be very effective if it adds a small number of seconds to the clock due to the sheer number of times that you can use it within the battle. Big, all-powerful attacks that target the whole party can cost a lot of seconds, and are best used if you have an elemental advantage against more than one enemy – or if they are one monster’s only option.

Explore the islands and look for hidden locations, such as the Aztec pyramids in the first island. These typically contain very rare monsters which are contained in very tough battles. Even after you beat a particular island, go back when you’re strong enough, so that you can catch these strong and rare monsters.

Training your monsters is a fairly simple process but if you aren’t paying attention you can miss out on some advantages. Pick the gold cards over all, and the silver cards over the bronze, to add more levels to your monsters and boost their stats more, but also keep an eye on what comes up next in the card rotation, so that you can collect more gold and silver cards as you go.

Go back and grind for training points as often as you need to, especially when you have new monsters that got added to your party, who need training to catch up to your current ones. They’ll catch up fast and be far more useful in battle afterwards.