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Nice Shot Golf – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Nice Shot Golf is a new golfing RPG by Netmarble for the iOS and Android platforms. Your character is the last hope for a place called Nice Shot Land, which was under the gentle, grandfatherly watch of Grandpa Woods, but is now under siege by evil golfers. So your goal is to take back the land for good by winning golf tournaments, and of course, upgrading your character in numerous ways in order to ensure domination. Read on for some tips and tricks for Nice Shot Golf!

You have two main methods of upgrading your character, one of which is to upgrade her or his outfit. You can spend trophies or coins on new outfits, which will give you different stat boosts. To upgrade an existing uniform, you can sacrifice previous outfit items in order to boost it; however, this isn’t worth it until you have a LOT of previous items to sacrifice.

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The other way to do so is to upgrade your clubs. This costs gems, which you earn as rewards for progressing through courses. Upgrade a club in such a way as is consistant with the purpose of that club – for example, when upgrading the driver, distance is the most important stat, so that should be first on the list. Sometimes an upgrade will cause a slight decrease in the other stats, so you have to decide if that upgrade is worth it first.

Oftentimes you might end up stuck on a level, due to not having powerful enough clubs to do what you need to do (such as drive the ball the required distance to get onto the green). You can go back to old levels that you have already beaten in order to grind for rewards, coins and other goodies. Or you can go to the PvP mode and compete against other players in a competition of skill for rewards such as coins and gemstones.

One of the most common problems players have on iPhones is that the game won’t start. This is typically caused by the Game Center glitch on iOS 9. Apple is working on a fix for this as right now it messes with multiple games, but until then, your best bet is to go to the settings and disable Game Center. If you can’t get that area of the settings to work, reset your phone, then IMMEDIATELY go there after it restarts, before Game Center has a chance to attempt to login. Then shut off Game Center.

Villagers will give you gold coins as a reward for liberating their golf courses, and the coins will continue to build up, so go and collect your rewards as often as they appear. Also, check your mailbox for rewards too whenever you see a little “!” icon pop up next to it.