Ninja Dash – Ronin Jump RPG: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Ninja Dash is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a ninja who trains in solitude to become the strongest, fastest and most well-equipped ninja. Your goal is to quest through various worlds and earn substances such as water, wood, clay, stone, lithium and more to upgrade your weapons, armor, and other pieces of equipment. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ninja Dash – Ronin Jump RPG!

Before you begin running the stage, check out what the three missions for the level are. Pass one of them to get a B, two of them to get an A, and three of them to get an S on the level, but you have to pass them all on the same play through, even if you are going back through the level all over again and have already passed one or two missions.

You earn chests from completing levels, and the level of the reward is determined by how many quests you beat on the level. The more you beat at a time, the better your reward. If you have a data connection, you can always get a second chest at the end by watching an advertisement video. You can get a third chest if you want to spend 60 gems on it, but there are better things to spend gems on.

If you’re missing an ingredient or two, or even want another card to increase your ninja’s ninja flow, hit the shop area. The shop refreshes every 12 hours or so, but you can refresh it early by rerolling for 20 gems. Unless you have absolutely no more useful cards to buy, though, don’t waste your gems on this purchase.

Whenever you aren’t playing, your character will continue to train on their own, which earns you about one coin every five seconds. You can’t really increase your offline income, but you can set the time on your phone head to collect it instantly though. Offline income is about 50 coins per hour, but you can leave your phone active while sleeping to load up on coins WAY more quickly.

If you need to backtrack to earn coins and materials for upgrading your equipment, go back to the level with the lowest letter grade. Then go to a level with one letter grade higher than that, and keep going until all of your levels are at S’s. Use your extra earnings and materials to improve your stats so that you can beat newer, tougher levels with greater ease.