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Ninja Dude vs Zombies – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Ninja Dude vs Zombies is a new endless game where you, the ninja, defend your tower against an endless horde of zombies. The zombies crawl up the left and the right side of the tower, so you have to tap the corresponding side to knock them out. You have to hit them after they pass the safe line in the middle of the tower, or they’ll get pushed down slightly. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ninja Dude vs Zombies!

The easiest way to get a quick high score is to rack up a large multiplier. To do this, you have to knock off zombies with consecutive ninja star hits, without missing and without hitting a zombie who is below the safe line. Do either one of these things and your combo is reset. Keep a long combo going, however, and your score will skyrocket.

You can, of course, just tap and fire off ninja stars, and sometimes you might have to depending on how quick the action gets. If you knock zombies too far down, though, the tower will be put in danger of sinking far more quickly, so you’ll have to slow down your taps in order to allow the tower to raise back up.

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You can earn coins from the levels themselves, or from watching an advertisement video or collecting timed prizes after a round is over. In addition, the points that you earn are added up at the end of the round, and when you fill up the point bar, you’ll win a large coin prize. Keep playing in order to fill it up.

When you earn 100 coins you will be able to take a spin at the gacha for a new character. The gameplay remains the same no matter which character you use. The only differences will be the appearance of the character and the appearance of the ninja stars that you throw. Everything else remains the same.

When you lose a round, sometimes you have the option to watch a video or pay coins in order to continue the round. Do this if you are getting close to the high score, and you need that little push to get over the hump.

You can tell by the color and appearance of an enemy if they are going to move to the other side or not. The green skull-like zombies will switch sides half the time. The black widows will jump up and to the side, making them especially dangerous and important to kill quickly.