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Ninja Kid Run Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Ninja Kid Run is a new game by Fun Games For Free, the same company that did Bike Race and Car Race. As the name hints, it’s an endless runner game, with your goal being to escape the dog that’s chasing you, that always seems to have the energy to go after you. You’ll jump over and roll under obstacles, throw ninja stars to break stuff, avoid farmers pulling carts around and more as you try to get as many coins as you can and run as many meters as you can. Read on for tips and tricks for Ninja Kid Run by Fun Games For Free!

Time your jumps and your rolls right or else you’ll hit obstacles that you are trying to jump over or roll under. Roll when you are fairly close to it and don’t try to roll twice in a row because no matter how often you swipe downward, your character will pop up before beginning the second roll (unlike in games such as Running With Friends). This can lead to an untimely death.

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The best power up for improving your coin gains is the magnet, since each time that you power it up, it will last longer. The super fly will also help you last longer, since you will stay in the air for a longer period of time, meaning that you will earn more of the coins that are up there.

Otherwise, none of the other power ups and upgrades will help you to earn coins, although some of them will help you to run a longer distance and, of course, to maximize your score.

There are plenty of glitches in the game, such as the following. When you run on top of a wagon that’s backed up against a wall, you’ll fall between them if you don’t jump, so make sure to jump. Look out for any other glitches that unceremoniously send you off of a cliff way too early.