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Ninja Spinki Challenges – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Ninja Spinki Challenges is a new casual challenge game by Obok Aidem as well as by the famous .GEARS, who brought Flappy Bird to the world a few years ago for a very short time. This game features the Ninja Spinki, a creation of .Gears’ Dong Nguyen from awhile back who has appeared in multiple games. You can play in multiple challenges and endless modes to compete for the highest score possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ninja Spinki Challenges!!

You can play the challenges in order if you want, but you don’t actually have to play them in order if you don’t want to. As long as they are lit up and not grayed out, you can play them in any order that you want. Once you beat one challenge, it will unlock a similar challenge later on in the challenge list.

Once you beat a challenge, it will also unlock an endless mode game, too. The endless modes have ever-increasing challenges that are related to, but not exactly identical to, the stage that was just beaten in challenge mode. The higher that your score gets in endless mode, the more difficult that the level will become (for example, in the cannon stage, more cannons will continuously show up for you to get past).

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Often, when you lose a stage, you will be able to watch a video that will start you from where you left off. The video will be an advertisement and you will need an internet connection in order to be able to watch it. If you don’t have a connection, the offer will not show up, but go somewhere where there is good internet (whether it’s WiFi or cellular).

Check out the high scores on Game Center or Google Play (depending on which platform you are playing the game on) if you want to see what all-time high scores to compare yourself to. If you see one that look unrealistically high or just completely ridiculous, it’s a hacked score. Scroll past them to the ones that look difficult to achieve but realistic, as these are the real high scores that have been achieved in the game.

Challenges will unlock out of order, seemingly, but if you see a challenge that you want to unlock, complete a challenge of a similar type that’s already unlocked in order to open it up. For example, complete one of the cannon challenges in order to open up and unlock the latest cannon challenge.