Ninja Vs Pirate: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Ninja Vs Pirate, not to be confused with the internet meme of the same name, is a new iOS and Android casual RPG for fans of such games as Brave Frontier and Hello Hero. You get to battle in both PvE and PvP modes, but most importantly, you get to collect cards and build the best team that you can in order to become nearly unstoppable. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ninja vs Pirate!

You have three fighters in your party, and the other that you put them in is important. Always put your tank in the front, your tank being the one with the most defense and health, so that they can sponge up all of the blows. Put your weak characters (defensively) in the back, and the tank will protect them for as long as he or she can.

Always be sure to use your special moves as soon as they become available. The battle happens entirely automatically, except for the special moves, which you have to activate by tapping the portrait of the character once it begins flashing and their mana bar is full. Most of the special moves will be attacking moves; however, some characters have healing moves, and it’s best to try to keep at least one healer in battle.

After you beat a battle, you can then blitz it, meaning beat it without having to actually sit through the fight again. You just tap blitz and it goes again automatically. Do this whenever you want to run out all of your stamina right away, such as when you’re not going to play again for awhile. Do your blitzing on the last stage that you beat.

The guild system, which was just added in the recent update, has loads of features that can earn you prizes. Every week a guild vs guild battle will be held, with qualifying on Wednesday, quizzes on Thursday, and then best guild of the week on Sundays, so brush up on your knowledge of the game at all times.

There are a number of in app purchase packages for gems, but possibly the best one is the 300 gem monthly gift. 30 days after you buy it you will earn 120 gems per day. Purchase any of the gem packages to build your VIP points. Right now there are no known ways to get free VIP status, but that doesn’t mean that none exist; it just means that they have not been found yet.