No Brakes: Tips and Cheats – The Ultimate Strategy Guide

No Brakes is a minimalist single player racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. You have one car circling one track, and your goal is to get your car to go as fast as possible. Your attempts are ranked by your top speed, and then the results are posted in Game Center for your bragging (or shame) rights. Read on for some tips and tricks for No Brakes!

You get different “speed zones” that you open up as you go longer on the stage. Once you hit a new speed zone, you can go faster than you did in the previous speed zones, and the car becomes more difficult to handle. If you want to get to the next speed zone faster, concentrate on the square portion of the track, and skip the small, circular portion of the track in the lower left hand corner, at least until you need a longer straightaway for a speed run.

Master the handling of the car. You’re going to have to oversteer into each turn as you go faster, and the easiest way to control that is to turn the nose of the car too far when you turn, and then correct your trajectory as you straighten out. The farther you oversteer into a turn, the harder you’ll turn, and the faster you go, the more drifting you will have to do.

Also, as you speed up, don’t go in a straight line the whole time. Start towards the inside corner of a turn, move towards the outside of the track on a straightaway, and then about halfway through the straightaway, turn back inward so that you have less total turning distance to accomplish on the upcoming corners.

Seeing everything is the biggest problem as you begin to speed up. To make it very easy to see the track on an iPhone, go to the settings, then go to general, accessibility, and increase contract, then invert the colors. Going back to the game, you’ll be playing in the opposite colors, making it much easier to see the walls so as to avoid hitting them.

The fastest speed that anyone has gone so far is 294 KPH. Amazingly, nobody has managed to hack the game so far, which puts the top score within reach of the average nonhacker, knowing that it is actually possible to get to the top speed that someone has set.

You have to turn at a certain speed in order to hit the next speed zone. Once you hit zone 5 or so, you will have to start using the entire track in order to turn quickly enough to make the next speed zone.

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