No One Dies Today! – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

No One Dies Today! is a new endless runner for the iOS and Android platforms, but with a twist: you are playing multiple endless running games at the same time. Normal mode (the easy one) puts you in control of two games at a time, while Inferno mode puts you in control of FIVE games at a time. Read on for some tips and tricks for No One Dies Today!

Start off this game on normal mode, because even though it’s hard to master, it’s still easy to learn, and it will get you used to controlling multiple games at the same time. Once you can go at least twenty seconds on this mode, then move up to nightmare, which is three games at the same time.

In nightmare, and then in hell mode, which is four runners at the same time, and inferno mode, which is five runners at the same time, you will have to be extremely vigilant, but you’ll also be recommended to use one specific finger for each run that you do, so that it’s almost like using Guitar Hero motions in order to control your runners.

One thing that you can do in this game that will majorly help with multiple obstacles in short succession on different levels, though, is sliding your finger back and forth. You can slide, rather than tap, on the screen where you want the jump to happen.

Vary the timing of the jump depending on how tall the obstacle is. And if you keep on jumping on the wrong run, take any and all screen protectors off of your phone, because they will royally mess up the timing for anything except for sliding, causing the characters in the wrong path to jump most of the time.

When you start to get frustrated, put the game down for awhile, probably an hour or two, and then come back later and it will be far easier. Or, go back to the normal mode (two runners at a time) for a nice little cool-down, and then go back to the hard levels later.

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