Noa Noa!: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Noa Noa! is a new virtual pet game that combines the retroness of Tamagotchi with a storyline where you’re raising virtual pets for your boss to sell for a profit. You can take care of your Noa in the usual ways (feed, clean, etc), play games with it in order to earn more pixels and increase the fun rating, and find new Noa eggs to get rare Noas to raise. Read on for some tips and tricks for Noa Noa!

You have to feed your Noa, put it to sleep, and take it to the bathroom to get rid of the negative stats and keep it taken care of, and, of course, to keep it from dying. When you take it to the bathroom, your Noa will be covered in poop – rub your finger around the screen to clean it. Give it a bath and your screen will be covered in bubbles, which you can tap to remove. Put it to sleep and you have to wait awhile, but you can look around wherever you want, just as long as you don’t hit the middle button.

Hit the phone menu screen in the top right corner while your Noa is asleep, although you can hit it at other times when you want to. Tap on the trophy screen to collect stars as rewards for completing various achievements, and to see what the requirements are for others. Tap on the double pound sign button to enter redeem codes for various rewards. Tap the gift button to open gifts, and tap the multi-icon button for various limited-time offers.

In addition to reducing the negative stat bars, you also have to increase the positive stat bars, which represent fun, happiness, and food. Simply feed your Noa to earn more food. To earn more fun, go to the arcade and play games with your Noa. To increase happiness, go to the emoji icon and pick one of the various actions/emojis.

To feed your Noa, go to the area with the arcade and the gym, but instead of going to the right, go left. You’ll find restaurants this way. Go to the restaurants and experiment with different forms of food to find the ones that fill it up quickly. They’ll increase the poop meter too, though, so after you finish feeding your Noa, go to the bathroom and let it release.

When you come back from being offline for awhile, go immediately to every area that you have to go to in order to care for your Noa and keep its hearts high. If your Noa dies, you can go visit it at the grave site, and if it gets sick, you can go visit it at the hospital. All of these are on the left side of the game area.

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