Nom Plant: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Nom Plant is a new iOS and Android game that is akin to controlling the famous piranha plant from Super Mario brothers. Your goal is to expand your plant out in order to earn points, flatten enemies, and finish as many levels as possible.

You can unlock all sorts of new plants, as well as pots for your plants to residing in. Plus, you can score as many points as possible and earn as many coins as you can throughout your run.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Nom Plant!

There are two ways that you can lose in this game. One, of course, is to run into an enemy or obstacle head first. You can also lose if you expand your plants out too far. When you do, your vine can get clipped by either an enemy or a moving platform that’s passing by.

To prevent this happening, make sure to let go of the screen and drop to a platform every once in awhile. Land on the platform and then you’re safe. From there you can start extending again. Keep this up until you reach the pipe at the top of the level.

If you want to squeeze as many points as possible out of a level, keep moving from side to side over and over as long as you have room to do so. You get points based on the time that you spend extending, not the actual distance, so it’s possible to squeeze 100 or even 200 points out of just one level.

Tap on the pots button on the main screen to see all of the pots that you are able to unlock for your plants. Some of them require you to watch an advertisement video in order to unlock them. Others require you to spend a large amount of coins for the privilege.

Luckily, you only have to spend a small amount of coins in order to unlock a new plant. When you earn enough coins, you will be able to spin for a random plant. Win a new one and you’ll be able to select it from your main screen.

You earn one coin for every ten points that you earn on each level; however, there is a much quicker way to earn coins. Simply go to the store menu and watch an ad video using the free coins button. Once the video ends, you’ll have 50 extra coins. Watch as many of these videos as you want to earn as many coins as possible.

Watch out for new challenges to pop up as you get further and further into the game. Levels will become longer, more difficult, and the challenges will become more diverse. Plus, you will encounter new enemies that require you to take steps to avoid them that you wouldn’t have necessarily had to take in the earlier stages.

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