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Nonsense Fall – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Nonsense Fall is Ketchapp’s latest semi-endless runner game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your character runs around like a chicken with his head cut off while all kinds of bombs, missiles and lasers fall around him, so it’s your mission to guide him or her around them and rack up the highest score possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Nonsense Fall by Ketchapp!

Normally you run slow, and tapping on the screen causes you to jump ahead for a little bit. Keep the taps as minimal as possible. You will almost never need to tap unless the bombs pop up that are immediately overhead. Play it by ear with the missiles since they can go on different trajectories. When it comes to the lasers, try to get on the opposite side of the screen before they begin shooting.

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Another way to play is to reverse it, and tap constantly with both your left and right thumb. Then since you will be running fast all the time, you can slow down whenever you want to wait for a weapon to pass. The only risk here is that your run might stop too late and you’ll slow-walk right into a weapon, but be careful so that doesn’t happen.

You’ll pick up money as you play. The longer you go, the more money pops up, and once you get 100 in game cash, you can buy a new character. Every so often, after you finish a stage you will get an offer to watch a video for 20 cash. Take that offer to speed up your march toward earning a new character. It pops up randomly, with seemingly no rhyme or reason.

You can buy any new character for 100 cash in this game. The new characters don’t change the gameplay at all, they merely change the look. Once you run out of characters to buy, stick around and wait for an update to the game. More characters should be added with each successive update.

Each time that you get 20 points, the background of the level will change. Whenever the background changes, the game gets very slightly harder and the weapons start falling down more quickly. These are when you may have to start tapping a little bit more frequently in order to make it clear of each weapon.