Nonstop Balls – Top Tips, Cheats, High Score, and Upgrade Guide

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Nonstop Balls is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Voodoo much like the other ball-shooter games on mobile platforms, except in this one, the action doesn’t stop. You never quit shooting balls, the stage never quits moving downward towards you, and the blocks become harder to kill. Luckily you can earn stars and new balls, as well as all sorts of new upgrade to send your high score to the stratosphere. Read on for some tips and tricks for Nonstop Balls!

You can gain stars in the levels themselves, but it’s a bit quicker to earn them via the videos within the upgrade menu. Each video will be worth 20 stars, but after you watch one, you won’t be able to watch anymore. Just close the game, then open it back up again, and you will be able to watch another video. Repeat this as many times as you want to for unlimited stars.

You have three different upgrades available. You can either begin with more balls, begin with faster firing, or with more firepower. Firepower is easily the most useful one, which is why it’s the most expensive, as each ball will be worth one more damage point when it makes its hit. The other two, while a little more minor, are still extremely useful. Upgrading the number of balls that you begin with, especially, can lengthen the amount of time that you last during the level.

While levels don’t seem to last much longer as you upgrade, especially with the power level upgrade, you do end up with higher scores. In addition, stars will appear more frequently throughout the level when you do buy these upgrades. This is so that you can earn more stars to cope with the more expensive upgrades, even if the levels don’t last any longer than they did before the upgrades.

To deal with the tougher, red blocks, unlike most other games where you want to bounce a ball off of the wall, you instead want to bounce them off of the bottom of the block, aiming for the lowest point so that you can fire the quickest. If you have two blocks next to each other instead of a solo block, aim right at the gap in between them and shoot balls off of the gap to damage both of them at the same time without hanging the balls up anymore than you need to.

When you get any one of the power-ups, double down on the lower, redder blocks. The speed cannon is the only one where you should start aiming balls to bounce and carom off of everything, because then you have an unlimited number of balls to fire until the cannon runs out. With everything else, use the same strategy as always, but be sure to pay extra attention to the ball blocks.

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