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Ocean Legend: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Ocean Legend is a new RPG by NetEase where you play as a navigator in the age of discovery. You can sail around Europe, Africa, and more with famous navigators such as De Gama and Columbus, do battle against and negotiate with pirates and rival navies, and engage in trading for profit. You can also unlock new ships, participate in limited-time events, make friends, and participate in an active forum. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ocean Legend!

Your main method of getting around in this game is by following the missions. Tap the mission to auto-populate to where you need to go. Most of the game will be played this way, so do this to move onto the next area. You can always do it on your own and try to find where you need to go by yourself, but this is the easy way.

As you get further into the game, though, you’ll want to explore all of the buildings in each city that you travel to. At many of the buildings there won’t be a whole lot going on, and some of them will be empty entirely, such as the mosque on your first visit to Tunisia, but explore anyways. You’ll find new navigators this way who you can recruit if you have enough prestige.

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Buy low and sell high. That’s the mantra for making a profit in the market. Visit every market in every city that you go to, and look for what products are selling for. Visit the same market in the same city multiple times to see how prices change, and buy when you see that the prices are low. When you go to sell products, the price will appear in red if you’re going to take a loss on the sale, and white if you’re going to make a profit on the sale.

In battle, use all of your special abilities to not only do damage to the enemy ships, but to evade and to avoid their shots. Aim and fire your cannons, and try to focus on one ship at a time so that you can knock them out quickly and take less damage. Knock off all enemy ships to win the battle.

When you’re sailing around, take a look around for collectibles and other interesting finds. You can interact with other ships, and often you’ll see some items appear in a bubble. Tap them to collect them. You’ll find anything from money to equipment, and even concession procurement books that will allow you to purchase rarer goods.