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Ocean Tower for iPhone and Android: How to get more money, credits, and income per hour

Ocean Tower is a tower game of a different kind, and while it is not massively difficult by any real stretch, it has some elements of strategy that other tower simulators don’t have. Sometimes that element of strategy can keep you from increasing your income to as much as it can be, but with these tips to get more money and credits, you can really start to get a winning streak going at this game.

To get free credits, you can do one of two things. One way to get free credits is to clean up trash as soon as you see it in your tower, as when you do that, you’re likely to get a credit as a tip from one of your residents. Another way to get free credits is to do submarine expeditions, which are also randomly likely to earn you free credits as tips from tourists. Upgrade your underwater marina to level 3, and you can do expeditions almost as often as you please. The only other way to get free credits is to buy them.

To increase your income per hour, you can’t just stack random businesses on top of each other. Some strategy is required. Notice that when you buy a business and are looking for a place to put it, there’s a large box around it that shows its area of influence. Every empty space within its area of influence will become an apartment. If you have multiple types of businesses which include multiple apartments in their area of influence (for example, a food business and a shopping business affecting the same apartment), the apartment will become a much nicer apartment, and its residents will earn you more money per hour.

To maximize the effect later on in the game, try to get 3, 4 or 5 different types of businesses (for example, one food business, one recreation business, one shopping business and one entertainment business) in an area in which they affect the same apartments. The apartments around them will become seriously nice-looking, and the hourly income will skyrocket.

To make more money using the harbor, aside from increasing your income per hour, one good strategy is to set your phone about an hour or so ahead. When you do this, go back to the game, and then go to the harbor. The queue, the little “green bar” above the harbor, will refill instantly, allowing you to go on back to back to back expeditions over and over again, without limits. Wait for the queue to fill with tourists before you embark on the expedition (meaning, that “green bar” just above the harbor) so that you can embark with the most tourists, which will earn you the maximum amount of money for your adventures. The more you upgrade your harbor, as well, the more tourists you can take with you.


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