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Octopus Evolution – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Octopus Evolution is a new clicker game by Tapps, the maker of some of the weirdest animal-themed clicker games on the entire App Store. Your goal in this iOS and Android game is to evolve your octopii and use them to earn a whole bunch of gold, and to keep evolving and evolving until you get more and more weird evolutions. Read on for some tips and tricks for Octopus Evolution!

Right from the get go, one of the best ways to earn both money and octopii is to cut the game off for a little while, around five minutes or so (for the boxes, not so much for the gold), then go back to the game and pop all of the boxes and mix the octopii together. You can unlock new evolutions as you keep mixing levels of octopii together.

One quick way to get to the next evolution level is to go to the octopus shop and spend your coins on loading up on the highest level octopus that’s available. Fill up your farm until the octopii are no longer worth the coins that they cost. Then evolve then, and the next level octopii up will be available for you to buy.

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Diamonds can be had at random thanks to the octopii. They randomly drop, but you can also get a free one by going to the in game store and taking the free offer to watch a video in exchange for a diamond. You can watch as many of these videos as you want in exchange for more diamonds. Do this until the videos run out, and then you can come back in fifteen minutes or so and then they will be regenerated.

In addition to the coins earned per second, if you leave your phone or tablet with the face sitting up, you will get free coins from the poop that the octopii leave behind. Turn off your sleep mode on your phone, and leave it sitting face up for as long as possible, on a charger preferably, in order to earn a ton of coins. The more high-level octopii on screen at a time, the better.

The pearl power-up is one of the most powerful in the game. When a pearl appears, give it to the highest level octopus that you can and it will start rapid-fire crapping out coins. Do this every time that you get a pearl to earn an absolutely massive amount of coins.