Oddman (iOS/Android): Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Oddman is a new iOS and Android game where you play as an odd little character, befitting the name of the game, whose goal is to knock enemy characters off of the side of the level and into the drink before they knock you out. You can earn coins, progress from level to level, and go up against even tougher enemies.

Along the way you have all sorts of upgrades that you can get, such as new skins, performance upgrades, and multipliers to increase your score. With your tips you will be able to make it past the toughest levels in the game.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Oddman!

Your main method of control is to swipe in any direction to dash in any direction. You have to try to keep out of the water, as well as to keep away from the walls and ceiling of the stage; either one will knock you out. Consequently, knock out enemies by smashing them into the water or the walls.

On stages with multiple enemies, give them the opportunity to attack each other first to avoid the chaos. They often will, so instead of having to face three enemies, you’ll just end up dealing with one or two enemies at a time. Sometimes, all three of them will even fall into the drink, giving you a win for doing absolutely nothing.

With multiple enemies, or even one enemy, an alternative way to win is to act like a bullfighter in a cartoon. Get the enemy to charge at you, then jump out of the way and let them fall into the water. This is especially a good way to take out larger enemies who are tougher to move.

Bosses are a little bit tougher, though, because they won’t drown themselves. Instead, typically, you will need to hit them until you destroy their armor, then knock them into the lake, but even without the armor, they will be tougher to knock off, because they’re larger, and thus move less when you hit them.

Be sure to collect coins whenever you find them sitting in the stage. You’re going to need them to buy upgrades, especially if you are stuck on a level that you can’t beat. Your biggest coin collection comes from beating the boss at the end of the level, but you’ll be able to pick up quite a few of them within the stage, too.

Take the coins and use them primarily for the three upgrades. The two initial ones are the critical hit upgrade and the tough skin upgrade. Critical Hit gives you a higher chance of landing an extra strong attack, while Tough Skin gives you an extra chance of avoiding an oncoming attack.

Once you get to player level 4, you will be able to unlock Power Punch, as well. To increase your player level, keep on upgrading your character and the experience bar will fill. Once the bar is filled all the way up, then you’ll gain a new level.

You can also spend coins on new skins for your character. These are strictly cosmetic, though, and more expensive than the ability upgrades. They don’t change the shape of your character, either; only the colors and appearance.

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