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Off The Road: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Off The Road is a new sandbox off-roading game for the iOS and Android platforms. From the start you’re thrown into a free-roaming world, where you can collect coins and cards, engage in challenges, and win everything from upgrades and new trucks to coins and trophies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Off The Road!

Before you even engage in challenges, first, practice your handling around the main level itself, because all of the challenges will be contained within the main map. Figure out where your truck needs improvement. If you’re having trouble getting up hills or steering, upgrade tires and suspension. If speed is an issue, upgrade your suspension. You start off with a lot of coins, so use your starter coins to get your rig right so that you can pass some challenges.

The challenges typically require you to go through a series of gates. The toughest part is being able to adjust after you pass a gate so that you can quickly make it to the next one. Pay attention to the on-screen arrow so that you can know where you need to go at all times. Sometimes, the arrow will even appear inside of the gate itself, so that you can prepare to make a fast turn after the gate, or even before the gate, drifting into it as you prepare for your next turn.

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Even if you lose at a challenge level, you’ll still get a video offer that will earn you a prize box once you finish watching it. If you have an internet connection, then take the offer every time. Different videos will take different amounts of time to unlock, although you can speed the process along by paying coins, if you have enough of them to spare. The less time that is left, the less coins that you have to pay.

Buying upgrades to your truck is easy, because it simply requires coins, but getting a new truck is a bit tougher, as you need to earn cards of a new vehicle in order to unlock it. Do this by completing challenges and finding card packs on the main map screen. If you have more money than patience, you can go to the store and buy new cars for real-life money instead.

Mess around on the various levels and test the limits of your vehicle, because if you know what it’s capable of, you can create your own shortcuts. For example, even with the most basic truck, you can ford high water, high enough to come up to the top of your truck bed, so you can cut through the water on the way to the next shortcut in the middle of a challenge.