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Office Rumble – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Office Rumble is a bizarre new iOS and Android fighting game/RPG hybrid. In this game dozens of everyone’s favorite office stereotypes, from the chatterbox to the Instafabulous chick to the guy who pukes at every party he goes to, are all put together and thrown into the ring, equipped with rapid and devastating attacks to use against each other. Read on for some tips and tricks for Office Rumble!

The battle system is a simple one with two different main actions: Tap and hold on the left side of the screen to block or tap and hold on the right side of the screen to unleash a flurry of attacks. If you block you’ll take less damage but it can be very tough to find an opening to attack, so you will have to watch for the SLIGHTEST lull in movement of your opponent, then hold the attack side. Rush into it, though, and you’ll just get nailed and mauled.

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Of course, you can always hit the auto button to make the battle go by instantly, but your character will lapse too frequently and get attacked often if you do this, so it’s better to do it yourself. If you want to stop an attack, though, a good way to do it is to swap in another one of your party members and attack right away; or better yet, take a friend’s leader with you and swap them in, using them for as long as you can.

Because of the effectiveness of switching a character at stopping your opponent’s attack, it’s best to start your battle with a weaker character rather than a stronger character. Swap them out when they are close to getting defeated and in the middle of taking an attack combo, then when you break the enemy’s combo, IMMEDIATELY start attacking and don’t let up until you win. The more party members you have, the more that you can use this strategy.

There are two ways to upgrade your character, both of which involve sacrificing other office workers. One is the upgrade, which increases the base stats and the “upgrade” level of your party member; you’re best off sacrificing someone who is of the same letter grade rarity for a 100% chance at making it work. Powering up allows you to sacrifice up to six other office workers to increase your experience level. Use this to put you over the top if you’re having a hard time beating a tough opponent.

The easiest way to get free gear and workers is as a reward for beating a level (as well as experience points without having to boost) so if you are stuck, go back to an old level and play it again. Use the coins to purchase more hires and more gear, and be sure to claim all of the free stuff that you get. Do this until you run out of hearts if you have to. Old-fashioned grinding is sometimes the best strategy in this game.