OFFICIAL PHOTOS: The Mercedes-Benz F125! concept

By | 20110912

Out of nowhere before the Frankfurt Motor Show comes a brand new concept – the Mercedes-Benz F 125! concept. Yes, that exclaimation point is part of the name.

The 125 signifies the 125th anniversary of Carl Benz registering the patent for the world’s first gasoline powered automobile. Ironically, this odd looking gullwing coupe is powered by an electric motor with a hydrogen fuel cell, which also includes a lithium ion battery. A full tank of hydrogen should give the F 125! over 600 miles of continuous driving without having to fill up, and the battery should go up to 30 miles between charges even with no hydrogen in the tank.

The exterior design is – let’s face it – really weird. According to the original source, Omni Auto in Italy, the concept previews the 2025 Mercedes-Benz CL-class. The problem with that is, nobody ever does serious concepts that far in advance, and the CL-class will become the S-class coupe long before then. More likely is that the F 125! will become the 2015 CL-class and that the 2025 part was a typo.

The design is downright wacky. The grill looks like a cross between a Lincoln grill and a grill from one of Geely Emgrand’s concept sports cars, and needless to say, the grill stands very little chance of making it to production. The rear end looks a lot like that of the GT by Citroen concept, except with the taillights moved to the side corners. The profile shows a LONG cabin and a short hood, as well as a short trunk area, that looks like a deformed version of the current CL-class profile. The gullwing doors probably won’t make it to production either.

Performance is said to be 0-60 in 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 137 mph. Look for an official debut, more pictures, and more real information when this concept makes its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show tomorrow.


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