Official Sketch: 2014/2015 Infiniti EV sedan

By | 20110913

Pictured here is a sketch that Infiniti dropped out of nowhere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This sketch shows off a brand new, midsize, front wheel drive electric sedan concept that is said to preview a production car that will launch sometime in 2014.

There has yet to be any official word on any of this Infiniti EV sedan’s specs, but take a look at that long front overhang. This new sedan is definitely front wheel drive, which calls into question if Infiniti is going back to its old ways and leaving behind the legacy that it began to build for itself as the “anti Lexus” with the successful rear wheel drive vehicles, such as the G, the M, the FX and the less successful EX.

The sketch shows off a version of the Infiniti C-pillar kink that debuted on the Essence and has made its way to the Etherea concept, although in this sketch the design has been toned down. The rest of the car appears to be rather conventional looking – almost too much so. It almost looks like a stretched version of the 2012 Nissan Versa sedan, which is NOT a look that Infiniti should be pursuing. Infiniti’s designs have combined with performance to make Infiniti the antithesis of Lexus within the past decade, so to see Infiniti going back on that is disheartening.

The new Infiniti EV will be a zero emissions vehicle and will be a five seater. Considering the size of the hood, it should be no surprise to expect a range extended version at some point. Either way, Infiniti claims that the EV will stick to its concept of “inspired performance”. No word yet on what platform this new sedan will be based off of, but judging by the size and the proportions, it appears to be something off of the Maxima platform, or possibly based off of the Altima.

Expect more details on the new Infiniti electric sedan to come out at a future motor show, possibly Geneva Auto Show when it happens in March of 2012.


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