OFFICIALLY REVEALED: Audi Urban Sportback and Roadster concepts

By | 20110912

Pictured here is the all new, long awaited Audi Urban Sportback concept at its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show during a media presentation.×434.jpg

This is the first set of real life images of Audi’s new city car concept. The revolutionary Audi Urban concept, in both sportback and roadster form, weighs just over 1,000 pounds and seats two people. It comes with two electric motors which combine to produce 20 horsepower. This should power the little car from 0-60 in 6 seconds flat. Audi has limited the top speed to 62.5 MPH, but when the production version of this car comes out, expect a higher top speed for reasons pertaining to highway safety. Nevertheless, impressive acceleration for such small engines. Both engines are powered by a lithium ion battery weighing just under 200 lbs.

The concept is built with carbon fiber reinforced plastic in order to keep the weight down, as is the interior. The Audi Urban concept rolls on 21-inch wheels, but expect those to be a lightweight build too. Seeing how skinny they are, too, I’m sure that alone saves a decent amount of weight.

Considering the burgoening popularity of range extended electric vehicle technology, don’t be surprise to see a version of this come out with a gas-powered engine to extend the range, or even a small gas-only version of this car packing unheard-of fuel economy.

As far as dimensions go, the Audi Urban concept is 126.73 inches long, 66.06 inches wide, and 46.81 inches tall, so if you like to ride low, this is definitely your car.

According to Audi, the engines can be recharged in 20 minutes when plugged into a 400 volt three phase outlet, and being plugged in a standard outlet should allow the battery to recharge in an hour.

No word yet on when a production version of this will launch, but expect it to happen. Audi rarely builds concepts without an intent for production. Audi A0, anyone?



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