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Oil, Inc. – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Oil, Inc. is a new clicker game for the iOS and Android platform where your goal is to become an oil baron and earn massive amounts of oil. Yo uhave a whole raft of new technologies at your disposal to speed up your oil gains, as well as stronger and stronger derricks so that you can pump more and more oil. You can collect cash, oil and boosts all at once. Read on for some tips and tricks for Oil, Inc!

One constant throughout the game, in the midst of all of the upgrading and change, is that there are a million ways to spend your diamonds but that all of the purchases lead up to what amounts to mostly the same thing; ways to permanently increase RPM. This includes going to the town and purchasing new buildings there, or building that are not yet government-owned.

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Be sure to keep a good eye on the Workplace button tab. Go to the Badges area and you can trade in EXP for new boosts which permanently increase the amount of oil that you can collect as a base. Hit the Classroom area to learn new things that will permanently increase your oil bonus.

Tapping helps in this game, but it is entirely unnecessary. Taps earn you more coins depending on how many upgrades you already have to a specific oil derrick; go to your most lucrative one and start tapping to make quick cash. Or just wait for the barrel to fill up so that you can collect from it.

One of the better uses of the cash in this game isgo to the manager hiring area. Here you can hire boosters who are specific to one type of oil derrick. When you do have them, they will give an effect to only that one derrick, such as 3x the oil per second or a much cheaper cost to each upgrade.

When you go offline for a while you’ll collect a good amount of offline oil, and you will be able to double it with an ad. Check the oil derricks at each of the oil storages as well; these will have a massive amount of oil that you can come pin