OMG: TD! (Oh My Gods: Tower Defense) Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3: Even More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part three of the Oh My Gods: Tower Defense tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

Bosses can be a slight bit of a pain to defeat, because of their attacks which drain your hearts and shrink your margin of error. Watch them and watch for their warmup for their attack. When you see them begin to warm up the attack, hit them with a shot from the god’s temple to cancel their shot. Repeat until you run out of attacks from the god’s temples.

Wait to break any rocks or other obstacles on screen (sea shells, dead fish etc) until you run out of shots in your temple. Almost time that you break one of these objects, you will get one extra shot for the temple, but if you already have the full number of shots, then you’ll be unable to collect the shot, and the word “Full!” will pop up. Don’t waste collected shots.

However, in many different levels, some of the obstacles will actually have a whole load of enemies underneath. Remember which ones have the enemies underneath, and when you go back through (for example, to try to earn three stars or as a Challenge Mode challenge), don’t break them. Leave them be, and break all the other ones, making sure that the gods don’t target the one with all of the enemies.

When you play the challenge stages, read the specific goals beforehand, because while two of the goals are the same every time (keep your one heart and beat the three elite waves), there is always ONE additional goal. This can be to break all of the rocks, to destroy a certain number of eggs, etc etc, but whatever it is, you have to complete it. Not completing it will cause you to lose, even if you completely dominate every enemy on the stage.

You can buy more power ups in the store, but you can also get more power ups for free just by going to stages and replaying them over and over again. Enemies will drop power ups at random when you kill them (meaning that normal stages are far better for earning power ups than challenge stages are), so the only real way to guarantee more power ups is to play over and over again.

Energy bars are often dropped by enemies too, although they are dropped less often than the power ups are. You will get one free energy every time that you win a stage, so just go to a stage that you know that you can win, play it over and over and wait for energy bar drops.