OMG: TD! – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Part 2

Welcome to part two of the Oh My Gods: Tower Defense top ten tips and tricks! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

5) Beat the Challenge stages for big souls bonuses.
Every challenge stage requires you to take zero damage and consists of only three waves (albeit extremely difficult waves). Beyond that, there is also an additional challenge for every one of these levels, such as no new gods, destroy all rocks, destroy 20 eggs or whatever else. Come back to them later if you can’t beat them right now.

4) If you are going to spend real-life money on the game, use it to buy more heroes.
Heroes are the only things that you can’t buy or win without spending real-life money (besides the speed boost, which is free with any real life purchase). Your choices are Mr. Talonted, Clyde S. Dale, and Nina Seamone, with the strongest being Clyde S. Dale.

3) Upgrade your gods and your hero wisely.
This is what you spend your souls on for a better shot at winning and three-starring a stage. Oftentimes, the auxiliary upgrades to each god are more effective than the main upgrade, because the main upgrade only allows you to spend gold to upgrade each individual god within a battle. Any upgrade to Hercules (or whatever other hero) is very effective, since he is always present in battle, from beginning to end.

2) Make use of various extra elements in each level, and use them to your advantage.
This includes more than just the gods’ temples. Examples include the sheep with bombs that appear early on in Zeus’ area, and the Automatons that recover and start wandering around later on. Use them to your advantage, because they can be one of your most powerful assets in battle.

1) Earn souls any way that you can.
Tap on the “free souls” button as often as possible because each advertisement video that you watch will earn you 150 free souls. Get the three star and challenge bonuses, and replay old stages (especially old challenge stages) to earn more souls. Make sure to collect the daily souls offering at Mt. Olympus.