OMG: TD! – Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

Welcome to part two of the Oh My Gods: Tower Defense beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Make use of the gods’ temples that appear in stages as well. Their appearance is set; you can’t change their location, but you can use them to attack enemies in any location. Tap on the temple and drag your finger to the enemy or enemies that you want to attack, then release your finger. You can get three charges at a time – once your charges are gone, they are gone until you find more of them.

Gold is what you use to summon gods in the stages. You can find more gold by breaking rocks and other obstacles on the stage (coral, plants, dead fish etc). Do this by tapping on them, so that the nearby gods target them. When you destroy a rock, you’ll earn coins and a charge in the temple. Sometimes, though, a swarm of enemies will pop out of an obstacle, so watch out!

More gold is also earned by defeating enemies in stages. As you progress through the waves, you’ll be able to summon more gods as you earn gold, to the point that you will end up filling up the entire stage with gods by the end of it. If you have spent souls to upgrade your gods in the upgrade store, you will also be able to use gold to upgrade each individual god in the levels. This will increase their damage, as well as their range if they are a long distance shooter and their splash area if they are a splash-damage god.

Your hero will be on the stage at all times, and he will be able to block and engage up to one enemy at a time. Obviously, this means that he is more of a help against big enemies, but he can pare down swarms of them, too. Move Hercules for the first time and he will jump to his new location, doing splash damage wherever he lands. Otherwise, he will walk over to his new location.

You have four power ups on stage, as well. The Supercharged power up allows you to zap enemies over and over using the gods’ temples, with no cooldown time or limits until it ends. Rewind will allow you to begin the current wave from the beginning. The Fist of God will smash a gigantic area of enemies. The Beefcake power up will turn your hero into a giant for a limited time, increase his strength and health, and allow him to essentially be invincible and kill any enemy in one shot.

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