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One More Brick – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

One More Brick is a new endless brick-breaker game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s like Ballz by Ketchapp, but with far more additional challenges and gameplay elements that add to the depth of what at first appears to be a very simple game. You can earn stars, unlock checkpoints, and vie for an ever higher score. Read on for some tips and tricks for One More Brick!

At the most basic level, the best strategy for this game is to try to bounce balls off of the sides of tiles, so that they rebound into other tiles. The more tiles that you can hit with the full force of the balls during each shot, the higher your chances will be of knocking off more tiles and making it further into the round.

If you manage to knock off every single block on the screen, then you’ll set up a checkpoint for the duration of the match. Occasionally, if you die at a higher level, another offer will pop up allowing you to make a checkpoint out of a previous level, so you can start at (for example) level 50, rather than starting right back over at level 1.

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You’ll also be able to earn stars during each round, and by watching a video ad after the rounds are done. Stars allow you to purchase new balls. There are cheaper balls, which only change the appearance, and there are balls that have a special skill. Special skills can include such things as an extra bounce. Also, check the radius of the balls. The larger the radius, the easier it is to hit targets, especially off the carom.

Make use of all of the power-ups that appear throughout the level. The purple peanut-looking button will turn each ball that hits it into two balls. The green person-looking button will give each ball that touches it one extra bounce. The blue button will send balls flying off into random directions, which is great for hitting higher-up rows of blocks.

One of the quickest ways to get an advantage, though, is to send a whole row of balls through one of the row-clearing buttons. You can knock out massive amounts of blocks if the blocks are in the way of the row, and especially if you have already purchases the upgraded ball that makes line-clearing buttons into double-line-clearing buttons (4 directions instead of two directions).