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One Piece Thousand Storm – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

One Piece Thousand Storm is Bandai Namco’s latest RPG for the Android and iOS platforms. This sequel to One Piece Treasure Cruise has you building a crew with Monkey Luffy and friends, collecting scene cards and characters and heading out on quests for rainbow coins, berries, and treasure, and teaming up with fellow players to complete quests. Read on for some tips and tricks for One Piece Thousand Storm!

Battling takes place automatically, for the most part; the part that you control is when you use special attacks. You can switch out to manual mode by hitting the Auto button at the top of the screen or simply by tapping where you want to go and who you want to attack. Save your special attacks for the boss as they do a massive amount of damage and can make short work of an otherwise tough enemy.

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Match the scene cards to the type of character – for example, use fighter cards on a fighter character for the best bonus. Scene cards can be leveled up as you battle, and they can also be swapped back and forth between characters as desired, so if you add a new rare character to your crew, then pull the scene cards from another character that you want to stop using, and equip them onto the new rarer character.

Stamina runs out quickly in this game. If you run out of stamina, then go on quests with other players. Being a sidekick on a quest doesn’t quite have the same reward potential as being the lead, but it will cost zero stamina, allowing you to play endlessly even when you run out of stamina.

You can evolve both your characters and your scene cards in order to power them up and increase their max levels. To evolve a character, you will need their character medallions, as well as enough berries to make it happen, and the character will need to be at their max experience level. To evolve a scene card, you’ll need to first enhance it to its max level, and then you need specific evolution compounds. This, too, will increase the star rarity.

Use the chat button to chat with different players who pop up around your plaza, random plazas, and other people’s plazas. Form an alliance and you’ll be able to tackle quests together in a more organized fashion, allowing you to earn even more friend points, which are crucial to shopping in the FP section of the store.