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OUTDODGE – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

OUTDODGE is a new endless bouncer for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to use your reflecting and jumping abilities to ward off all of the balls that threaten to destroy your jelly. The farther you go, the tougher it gets, but the higher a score you can accomplish. Read on for some tips and tricks for OUTDODGE!

The reflecting action is the one that is arguably the most useful. Half the time, you can end up in the top 80 percent of players in the world just by hitting reflect over and over. Of course, you have to time it a little bit so that you don’t get smashed by a ball in between reflects, but mindlessly tapping can get you farther than you would think.

Jumping requires a bit of strategy. Tapping and holding the screen causes your jelly to crouch down. Letting go causes your jelly to jump. The longer that you hold down on the jump button for, the higher you will jump. Hold it for a short time and let go to do a short jump. Hold it for a long time to do a very high jump.

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You can also do one reflect in midair while you are jumping. If you do the reflect while you are falling, then you’ll jump slightly back up while doing the reflect move. If you do it while you are on the way up in the middle of a high jump, then you will cut your jump short.

Hit the Game Center logo to check your high score progress against everyone else who has played the game. There are currently no hacked scores at all, meaning that thus far, it’s impossible to hack the game for a high score. So you can realistically get into the high score column without hacking anything.

Use the options menu to modify the game to the style that you like. Turn off the smooth framerate option to slow the game down slightly and to kick the framerate down from 60 frames per second to 30. Enable the one touch option to change the controls so that tapping on the screen accomplishes everything. If you do this, then a quick tap reflects while a slightly slower tap causes you to duck and prepare for a jump.