Overhit: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Overhit is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Nexon with the usual trappings of mobile gacha RPGs, such as collecting a huge quantity of characters, all sorts of game modes, and battle that can be done automatically (although there is the manual option).

Your hero leads a special force-style rebel team called the Black Wings, and your goal is to stop the Cabal from bringing hordes of monsters into the world. To do this, you’ll gather tons of heroes, enhance and upgrade them, and lead them into round after round of battle.

You can manage your team, control your heroes’ formations, use skills and equipment, and collect Arn, D-gems, event rewards, and all sorts of other goodies. All of which requires Action Points, or AP, but with smart management, you can play almost endlessly, loading up on the rewards.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Overhit!

Pay attention when you’re playing through the tutorial, as it will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to succeed as you get through the game. Early on, you’ll need almost none of the knowledge, as the gameplay is easy at the beginning of these types of RPG’s, but you’ll need all of the enhancements, tricks, side quests, rewards, and more that you can get your hands on later on, and you’ll remember it from the tutorial.

After the tutorial, you’ll be able to put auto mode and 2x mode on in the battles, which will enable you to play them automatically. Early on in the game you’ll be able to cruise through just about everything using auto battle, but once the going gets dicey, start switching to manual mode frequently and making the moves yourself. The auto-mode AI has almost no strategy built in for fighting, while you can strategize in order to win tough battles and deal with increasingly strong bosses.

Another good use for the auto mode is if you just want to grind. Turn on the auto mode on levels that you have already beaten, let the game play through them, and gather up all of the Arn, equipment, and more that you can. Plus, if you want to go back and play older levels later on, you can do that using auto battle as long as you’re upgraded extremely high.

Hit the guide missions on the left side of the screen and keep going back to them even when you’re no longer new at the game. Not only is there always more to learn at most stages of the game, which guide missions will guide you through (hence the name), but you’ll earn all kinds of rewards for completing the missions, and open up even more new missions to complete. Completing missions is typically the most efficient use of your AP.

When fighting battles in the campaign modes, you should aim to Arn… errm, earn, three stars. You’ll earn between one and three stars when you beat a level depending on how many of your fighters are still alive. Earn three and you’ll get free dimension gems (or D-gems), which will allow you to do more premium summons. If you don’t get three stars the first time, simply go back and try again later when you’re stronger.

Building your team is both an art an a science. Unlike most mobile RPGs, you can’t just shove your rarest heroes into the team and call it a day. Put together a mix of different hero types that complement one another. Defenders are your tanks, so they should be in the front of the party. Attackers deal the most damage, so protect them with the defenders. And always have at least one healer/support character. For extra tough levels, you might even need two of them.

Keep around multiples of each type of hero so that you can get the elemental advantage in battle. Fire beats nature, water beats fire, nature beats water, and then light and dark beat each other and are neutral against the other three elements. A water defender will stymie a fire attacker by soaking up tons of hits, and a nature attacker will smash a water defender, for example. Dark and light will just smash each other and make battles short.

Upgrade your heroes by leveling them up. Take your favorites and your role-players to old battles and auto-battle them to win easily so that you can grind for levels. In general, favor your heroes by highest rarity, then diversify for type (attacker, defender, support) and element (nature, fire, water, light, dark). You can also use fortification to sacrifice heroes to upgrade other heroes. Sacrifice commons first, but not ALL of them; you might want to keep a few around early on so that you can diversify and counter all elements.

Other methods to upgrade are combining, grading-up your hero, or improving their stats. The best one is grade-up, but elemental elixirs are super hard to get. Combine like heroes in order to raise the level cap on the main one that you’re combining. Upgrade skills to make special powers more effective in battle and to get new special powers.

For equipping heroes, first, fill all available equipment slots (weapon, armor, accessory, and grimoire). Then, start gradually looking for higher rarity gear, upgrading your favorite pieces of gear, and more. Gear can be upgraded in similar ways that heroes can.

To sidestep the need for using AP, play every game mode that you unlock other than campaign mode. Use the Terra Shift to grind and farm for arn, hero materials, and gear materials. More additional modes will unlock as new events open up, and as you become more experienced and gain levels.

Participate in the events as often as you can, even if you’re still weak. The more you participate, the more rewards you earn, even if you think you’re terrible at them. The rewards will contribute to getting stronger, which will contribute to you improving at the events.

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