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Pac-Man 256 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Pac-Man 256 is a new endless dot-munching game for the iOS and Android by Hipster Whale along with Namco Bandai. This long-awaited second game by the Crossy Road maker fleshes out the story of the infamous Level 256 glitch in Pac-Man, giving you all of the old ghosts and some new ghosts to run away from, along with running away from the glitch, which swallows the stage behind you if you are not quick enough. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pac-Man 256!

If you want to score as many points as possible, pay attention to the multipliers – especially ones that are gained by eating specific types of fruit. The green fruit will give you a x6 multiplier for example, while an apple will give you x3. They will increase the multiplier of each specific dot that you eat. Plus, you will gain rewards for racking up ghost multipliers after you eat them.

You have six credits at a time, which you can use to play the levels with the power ups (you can play no-power-up levels for free, with no credits at any time). If you want to get all of your credits back right away, for free, then set the time ahead on your phone by however long it takes to do so. You can use the same trick to cancel out upgrade timers and any other timers in the game.

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Every time that you are offered a video in exchange for coins, take the offer. You can only take the offer if you are on an internet connection, but if you are, a video will pop up and when you finish watching it, you will earn coins. Coins can then be put toward the upgrade of power-ups that you already have. If you want new power ups to add to your loadout, though, then keep playing and at specific numbers of pac-dots, you will unlock a new power-up.

Watch the different patterns of the different ghosts, as they all have different patterns and if you can predict them, then you can avoid them a whole lot more easily. The gray ghost, Spunky, will wake up when you get near it, then chase you rather slowly. Pinky will come after you speedily but drop off after two turns. Glitchy will chase you down almost endlessly, and disappear and reappear randomly. Sue and Funky like to line up and move from side to side regardless of your location.

The no-power-up levels will allow you to eat dots and unlock more power ups, so if you run out of credits, then play the free levels instead so that you can work your way towards more power ups. You’ll still get the large dot power-up and the fruit multipliers in these free levels, too.