Pac-Man Monsters – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Pac-Man Monsters is a new mobile card battling puzzle RPG loosely based on the famous Namco franchise, while also being loaded with tons of other characters. Despite looking more like a Puzzle and Dragons cross promotion than a new game, this one actually has a surprisingly original method of battling and loads of levels, enemies, and bosses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pac-Man Monsters!

Use summons as quickly as you earn them, because all summons, whether you use the medal summons or the gold summons, have a surprisingly high chance at earning you rare and super-rare cards, which will be by far the most powerful members of your party. Always go back to the “Edit Team” menu and then auto-select to put the most powerful cards in your party.

Your normal cards work great as fodder for upgrades. Take them and use one of your rare cards as your main card, then use your normal cards as sacrifice material. You can use up to five at a time, and if you enable multi-select, you can do it far more quickly.

When you’re in the battles, each group of pellets is surrounded by a box. The bigger the box you clear out, the more damage you’ll do, and the more different boxes you clear out, the bigger your multiplier, so try to make the biggest combos possible. And try to knock out as many of the most powerful colors as possible (for example, yellow if your super-rare cards are yellow).

Want even better prizes? Go to the quests menu, then tap on the special quests. These are far more difficult than the normal ones and they will cost you a lot more energy, but if you are victorious in these ones, you will earn huge rewards, far bigger than the ones from the normal dungeons, such as rare eggs and rarer seeds/evolution materials.

When picking leader cards from friends or strangers as helpers, pick by rarity first, followed by level, as this is the biggest way to ensure that you get the best of the best leader cards. Add as many people as you can except if you can’t find anyone with a good leader card before beginning a battle.