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Pac-Man Pop! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Pac-Man Pop! is a new bubble shooting game for the iOS and Android platforms starring an oddly cute-ified version of Pac-Man. Your goal is to pop bubbles and pass through level after level, defeating the ghosts and rescuing your pets, while getting as far as you can and collecting fruit. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pac-Man Pop!

One helpful option that has been included in the game is a color-blind mode. If you activate this mode, nothing will appear different at first, but if you begin a game, then you’ll see that all of the bubbles will have different icons inside them, with each icon being specific to the color of the bubble. For example, all of the green bubbles will have a shamrock inside of them.

Make combos at the highest possible point on the level. Do this so that when you pop a high-up combination, all attached bubbles will fall off and count toward your points. This will help you beat the stage in as few moves as possible, and the more moves that you have left over at the end of a level, the higher your point total will be.

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On the rotating levels, your goal will be to defeat the ghosts inside of each of the bubble wheels. To do this, you have to shoot a bubble and hit a ghost, so figure out the direction of rotation and clear out just enough space to fit one bubble through. Then shoot the bubble through and when you hit the ghost, all of the attached bubbles will fall off and the ghost will go away.

If you lose or quit at a level, you will be down a life, and when all of your lives run out, you won’t be able to play anymore. If this happens and you want free lives, log into Facebook and you and your friends can send lives back and forth to each other. If you don’t want to ask friends, log onto a different FB account and add people who play games, or post “add me” posts in the comments here or in the review areas of the App Store and Google Play.

Coins are the premium currency of the game. There are some ways to get free coins in the game, but they are few and far between. Save your boosts until you are stuck at a really tough level – don’t use or buy any boosts for easy levels.