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Paradise Bay: How to get free Gems and Gold

Paradise Bay is’s first non-puzzle game, and is a revival of the old farming game genre that Farm Town and Farmville popularized, and Hay Day supercharged. Paradise Bay puts you on a quest to fulfill your islanders’ wishes, and as a reward, you get all sorts of goodies, most notably gold coins and gems. Gems are the premium currency of the game while coins are the more common form, but you can get both of them for free. Read on to find out how to get free gold and gems in Paradise Bay!

Look around your whole island – not just the main parts that are already unlocked, but after that, even the locked parts of your island. You’ll see random treasure chests chilling around, and if you tap them, you’ll open them. This is your number one source of free gems. Treasure chests are very generous with the free gems, so tap them. The more often that you open them, the quicker that more treasure chests will show back up on the island.

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Complete the achievements in the game in order to earn more free gems, as well. Tap on the little trophy icon in the corner of the screen to pull up a list of the achievements, both the ones you have completed and the ones that you have yet to complete, but that will give you something to aim for. You’ll see a notification pop up when you have unlocked a new achievement.

The main quests are initially your main way of earning coins. Complete the quests, and complete the orders that your characters are requesting, in order to get more coins. Generally, the items that require deeper crafting (I.E. cooked fish, as opposed to cotton or pineapples) are the ones that they will pay you the most coins for, but build a stash and complete them all.

Once you unlock Wesley’s, you will be able to sell items to other players in exchange for coins. How much you earn depends on how much you charge for them. You can earn more if you charge more, and place less of them on sale at a time, as people will pay more for one pineapple as opposed to, say, ten pineapples. Also, sell the items that are needed for expansions of your silo and other goodies, and you can make a TON of coins.

Once you get good enough at selling in Wesley’s, and you unlock the trading post where you can buy goods, look around for deals and purchase them when you find discounts. Buy in bulk, split the items up and sell them separately for more money. Smart buying and selling will earn you far more coins than anything else you’ll do in this game.