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Paradise Bay – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Paradise Bay is a new city building game by, who is obviously best known for Candy Crush and a massive amount of other Saga games. Your goal is to build up your island paradise and turn it into a destination full of hustle, bustle and fun, producing new goods and trading them with other players and with importers and exporters. You can collect gems, coins, and all sorts of resources along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Paradise Bay!

The most basic necessity is crops, so in order to generate as many of them as possible, max out your number of farm plots so that you can grow as many goods as you can at a time. Each time you gain an experience level, you will be able to build more and more farm plots.

Want to get free gems? Complete the achievements in the achievement menu (the icon that looks like a trophy will take you to this menu). Even if there is not a number next to the menu button, go to the achievements menu to see what else you can do that earns you gems. They can also sometimes be found in the treasure chests around the island.

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Early on in the game, fill orders at the trading post for the fastest way to earn experience points. Between this and the farm plots as well as new building construction, the levels will come fast. As you gain levels, you will clear a whole lot more land, allowing you to build more stuff, and you will unlock new places, which can be found on the random docks that are strewn about outside of your main area.

One such place, and one of the most important ones, is the World Market and Wesley’s Exports, which, combined, allow you and other players to buy and sell goods from each other. Buy low and sell high to as much of a degree as you can. The easiest way to do this is to buy goods in bulk, then sell one or two at a time for higher prices per unit. And if you possess something that’s rare or coveted, make sure to price it high enough for a tidy profit. Too high and you won’t be able to sell it. Too low and you will lose money.

If you accidentally put all of a crop on sale at Wesley’s Exports, don’t worry – there will still be one left over because the game won’t let you spend every single one of a crop, at least until you have World Market. Then you can simply buy that crop from some other player.