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Paramon Clash: Evolution – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Paramon Clash: Evolution is a new monster collecting game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to explore different routes and areas looking for more Paramon, battling it out with other trainers, upgrading your monsters and even going at it with other players in PVP battles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Paramon Clash: Evolution!

Even though you can choose to fight all of your battles manually, most of them can be done automatically. We came automatically choose an attack anyways if you haven’t picked within 10 seconds of your turns coming, but automating the battle will speed things up even further.

Be sure to match your monsters against rival monsters by element. Use elemental advantages to doing a massive advantage in battle. For example, fire beats plant times, and water types beat fire types.

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You can use various upgrade items, such as experience potions, to level up your monsters. Your monsters can only be leveled up equal to the player level, so go back to the overworld and fight more battles to level up your player if you want to level your monsters above what their current maximum is.

As you progress through and gain levels, you will also unlock new areas inside of the town. For example, the shop will be unlocked at level 15. Go to the building on the far left side of the town, though, and you will be able to do PVP. The name of the building will always be hidden because you will see players clustered around it continuously. PVP battles are generally tougher than overworld battles, so come prepared.

You earn a lot of free rewards in this game and they can become difficult to keep track of. Anytime that you see a red dot over one of the usual icons in the overworld, tap on it, scroll around, and look for your free reward because there is always something there to collect. It’s easy to forget to collect your rewards, but they can be used to rapidly strengthen your monsters, and especially to earn more balls, which are always in short supply in this game.