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Perfect Hit…: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Perfect Hit… is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Voodoo where your goal is to aim your balls through the warp zone at the end of the level, make it to the next level, and go for the highest score possible. You can unlock new balls and more, and you can compete against other players in the world for the best possible score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Perfect Hit!

You start off with one ball, but each ball that you run over in the level is added to your trail of balls. Try to collect as many as possible; the more balls that you have, the faster that you increase your score, and the more of a chance you have of avoiding a loss and scraping by to the end of the level.

The final gate at the end of the level can either be very easy or very tough to aim for. When it’s got a small, low hole, it becomes very difficult to aim for, so unless you actually have the perfect aim to the hole considering the distance, spread your balls all over the place so that at least one or two of them has a chance of making it into the hole and into the next level.

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You can unlock new balls in this game, although right now, none of them are available. Typically, Voodoo, the developer, releases the game first, and then adds the unlocks later on, so watch out for the unlocks to show up within the next one or two updates. Update the game as soon as you see the new update drop, so that you can get the new balls.

In addition to balls being scattered all over the levels, watch out for the pillars as well. If you run into them, you lose one ball, so if you run into too many pillars, your run can end earlier than you want it to. So avoid the fixed obstacles and collect as many balls as possible, but if a ball puts you at risk of hitting a pillar, don’t bother with it.

If you lose at a round and you’ve gone far enough before crashing, then you’ll get an offer to watch a video in exchange for being able to start from the same score that you died at. Take the offer so that you can have a better shot at hitting a high score. This offer will only apply when you have a data connection, or else the videos won’t load.