Perfect Tower – Tips, Cheats, Unlocks and High Scores Guide

By | February 12, 2018

Learn how to build the tallest tower, unlock everything, pass the challenges and get the highest score in Perfect Tower!

Perfect Tower is the latest iOS and Android hit where you build a tall tower, but the method is much different in this game compared to others of its kind. You have to drop all sorts of different shapes down, making it that much more of a challenge, and to earn a high score while unlocking all kinds of new shapes and upgrading the land on which you build. Read on for some tips and tricks for Perfect Tower!

The straight shapes and the blocks are easy enough to drop down and balance on the platform – it’s the Tetris-style shapes that make it difficult. They won’t stand up properly when you drop them down, so you have to think about the way that they will fall, and aim them so that they fall in the right way and balance on the previous shape.

Once a shape hits the ground, though, it’s completely anchored down. That means that no matter how precarious the balance is, you don’t have to worry about knocking over a shape that is already anchored down. All that you have to do is balance the next shape on top of it. Then do the same with the next shape. One shape at a time is how the game should be played.

Also, aim for the next dotted line. When you pass a dotted line during the endless levels, a straight rainbow piece will fall and drop down perfectly flat, no matter what it lands on, allowing you a new slate so that you can start over again when it comes to aiming your shapes. You can also drop shapes onto a piece below the rainbow though, if you have the room.

You can unlock a whole bunch of different new shapes, which will affect your performance, so choose your shape wisely. Ideally, pick the shape that has the widest and flattest or the most square shape, because they are easy to aim other shapes onto. This is especially important during the challenges, because no matter what your challenge, your special shape will fall.

Read the description of the challenge before you play it, because they have completely different ground rules than the endless mode does. Some will only have jiggly shapes, while others will have high gravity, and others still will have no time to aim, only small shapes, or limit you to a specific number of shapes to hit the goal.