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PES Club Manager: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

PES Club Manager is a new football/soccer management game for the iOS and Android platforms, and is one of Konami’s most technically advanced mobile titles to date. This game gives you full control over a football/soccer team of your very own and lets you either take a hands-off approach, a moderately controlling approach, or be the insane micro-manager that you have always wanted to be. Your goal, of course, is to lead your team to league victory against all other comers and to collect all of the players that you want. Read on for some tips and tricks for PES Club Manager!

The most basic portion of this game is player selection; first pick a formation depending on what positions your best-ranked players play, and then pick the players with the highest overall number score who fit into each position. Don’t put anyone out of position as that will cause a skill penalty, but put everyone into their strongest position. As they play games, their scores will go even higher, especially when they have good games.

When you have training points, though, you can use them for many things, such as attack training or sprinting training for speed, or training your goalies/keepers, but one of the most valuable might be the position training. This training will allow you to teach a player a new position, so if you have a player with a great score who is getting squeezed out because you are too strong in one position, train them in another position. You might end up having more use for them than you thought.

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The market is one of your best opportunities to get new players, and to try to get rid of some of your players for some extra GP. Smart play will enable you to figure out who you can sell for more GP than you bought them for. Look for players who are underpriced or undervalued. Hold onto them for awhile if you need to. If a player gains popularity all of a sudden, their price might skyrocket due to demand from other users.

When you are in the middle of a game, if you want to take a hands off approach to the team’s strategy, then set everything to the middle, such as the attack/defense balance or the passive/aggressive balance. Otherwise, change your team’s strategy based on situations that they get into. If you are more hands-on here, then set the speed to 1x; otherwise set it to 3x to make the games go by more quickly.

Spend your PES coins wisely. PES coins are the premium currency of the game, and when you get PES coins, don’t spend them on something temporary. Use them in the scouting area in order to get rare players, which you can then put on the market for expensive prices in GP.. You have to agree on a contract, of course. Smart negotation is required in order to sign them to a fair salary. Keep winning in order to increase your income.