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Peter Panic – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Peter Panic is Adult Swim’s new game that puts quick-fire puzzles and Broadway musicals all in one package. This game is, due to the musical aspect, best enjoyed with headphones so that you can listen to all of the musical interludes. Your goal is to secure finance the Peter Pan play by doing all kinds of jobs for the bosses of the factory, the museum, the game developer studio, and other workplaces. Read on for some tips and tricks for Peter Panic!

In each location, you have to do the job for a total of 15 rounds in a row to pass. The first 14 rounds will be the same 4 jobs rewinding over and over, but faster every time; the 15th round will be a completely different job, more difficult due to the element of surprise.

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You’re not going to know what to do to beat every round immediately the first time around, so play the stage over and over, so that you can practice before beating the level for good. You will earn coins for each round beaten. Even after you beat the level, you can still go back and play again for coins if you want to.

You can’t save the game, but you can pay $2.99 in order to unlock the ability to do so. You’ll know when you can because the game will hit you up for the in-app purchase with its very own song. You can still easily beat the game without buying the IAP; you just have to do it all in one play-through.

Another way to practice specific games is to go over to the arcade. You can spend the coins that you earn in the main rounds on purchasing arcade machines, many of which will correspond with minigames in the workplaces, especially the game dev’s arcade games.

Other goodies can be unlocked in The Wheel. The Wheel is a slot machine where you go to spend coins in exchange for the chance to win prizes. Prizes include more coins, as well as new costumes for Peter.