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PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

We don’t normally spend much time on premium iOS games here at WriterParty, but PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist is one of the biggest original releases to come out in a LONG time. This platformer features PewDiePie, his girlfriend Marzia, their pugs, and other YouTube Let’s Play stars like Markiplier as they quest through levels loaded with gaming culture references and (shockingly for a mobile game) NO in-app purchases whatsoever. Read on for some tips and tricks for PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist!

Coins are the currency of the game, but they CANNOT be purchases with real-life money. They can only be earned in the stages itself, and you never lose coins no matter how much you die on the way to finishing a level. If you quit the level, you also keep the coins that you earn.

The fastest way to earn coins, though, is to find a level that you can beat on either hard mode or bro mode. If you beat the level on hard mode, all coins that you earned in the level will automatically be doubled, and if you beat it in bro mode, the coins will be tripled. Grind on that level a few times until you have enough coins for the upgrades that you need.

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Go to the pants menu and you can unlock more YouTubers, more attacks, and more defenses. The attacks and defenses will become available whenever you come across a YouTuber in a level, and then when you purchase one of their attacks or defenses (depending on the character), you can then purchase the new YouTuber.

In addition to the heart meter used to measure your character’s health, the two pugs will shield your character from fatal hits twice per round. If you use up all of your pugs before you reach the end of the stage, at least try to reach the blue flag, which is the checkpoint, halfway through the stage. Then die and you’ll start the stage over from the blue flag, with the two pugs fully intact.

The controls can be a little hard to get the grasp of, but luckily there are two control options. If you choose joystick mode then wherever you tap, the joystick will appear and you can drag it to the left, right or down. Buttons mode will control buttons appear on the screen, which makes it a lot more like a Game Boy game in that regard.

Jumping on enemies will kill them most of the time, but for some levels you’ll have to use the attacks or it’s nothing. To kill the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the subway level for example, you can stand under it and use the Edgar Fart to knock it out. Or smash through it with Marzia’s Maya Ride skill, as well as taking out anybody else who’s chasing you for awhile.