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PewDiePie’s Pixelings: Character Upgrade Guide: Level-ups, Rank-ups, Cards, Food, and more!

PewDiePie’s Pixelings is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms featuring Pewds and Marzia, as well as the dogs Edgar and Maya, and a whole host of other character, both real and fictional. You can use all of them as heroes in battle, and use them to do battle against other players.

There are a number of ways to upgrade them, as well as to upgrade other characters, so that rare, uncommon, and even common characters can keep up with rivals, gain lots of power and health, and gain the ability to beat the strongest rival teams and the hardest story stages in the game.

The primary way to upgrade your characters is by leveling them up, and the most basic way to level them up is to send them into battle and win, either in the arena or in the story mode. Regarding the story mode, if you need quick levels, go to a stage that you have previously beaten with three-stars, and Instant Win it. It costs a lot of energy, but provides a LOT of experience.

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If you run out of energy or if you want to use as little energy at a time as possible, play the arena mode, or play in stages that you have already beaten (because if you’re reading this article, you probably need more character upgrades to get farther). Replaying a stage manually only costs one energy, and playing the arena costs no energy at all, and still gives experience to all of your characters.

Make sure to pick up food, which is most commonly found as a bonus at the end of specific levels. When you pick up a food item, it then gets added to your inventory. You can then take it and give it to a character in order to increase their experience, and usually level them up at least one time.

To Rank Up a character, you don’t need to be at any specific level. Instead, you need a specific amount of that character’s cards, which can be found in the store for coins, or can be earned as a bonus from specific levels. When the card bar is full, go to the character upgrade screen.

Once you’re there, then you can rank up a character in exchange for all of those cards, plus a large amount of coins. The big cost is more than worth it though, as the stat boosts are FAR greater than they would be for just a standard level-up.

Additionally, when you rank up a character, you increase their maximum experience level by one. So at rank 1, their maximum level will be 4, but at rank 2, their maximum level will be 5. They will be able to still gain experience past the max level, but they will stop one notch before the last level.

Make sure to collect and open as many chests as possible Cards and food are commonly found in each chest that you earn; the longer that it takes for the chest to open, the rarer that the chest is, meaning that the bigger and better the rewards inside will be.


Tuesday 12th of April 2022