PewDiePie’s Pixelings: Free Bux Offer Wall Guide – How to actually get free bux and avoid bad offers

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PewDiePie’s Pixelings is a new RPG featuring PewDiePie by Outerminds that puts Pewds and his Pixeling characters, first seen in Tuber Simulator, into an RPG scenario. You can earn a lot of goodies in this game, especially Bux.

There’s a very full featured offer wall that offered as many as 5,000+ Bux at a time in exchange for completing various offers. Read on for a guide on how best to use the Offer Wall in PewDiePie’s Pixelings!

You’re going to see a ton of offers in here when you first open the Offer Wall. You might not know what offer to take, or you might take an offer and then not get your reward for it. But there are plenty of good offers to take in this game, and ways to get your reward.

The “answer this quiz” offers can give you Bux for free, without having to spend anything or enter any credit card numbers; you just have to deal with being annoyed to death by ads in order to get these offers.

The reason is that the websites with these quizzes will contain SO MANY ADS, that you will want to quit before you’re done. However, you need to finish the quiz all the way through in order to get paid.

Be sure not to accidentally tap on any of the ads, though; if you do, a new window will usually pop up, and when it does, it could throw off your whole attempt to finish the quiz. Stay on your original window.

If the question doesn’t specify answering questions right, then just answer them as fast as you can. If it says you can’t miss any though, then you actually have to pay attention in order to get them right.

The paid offers (offers that come with a purchase or a subscription) are the ones that will earn you thousands of Bux, of course. While you might not want to buy anything right away, look through and see what you might be shopping for anyways (streaming TV service, cable, etc). Or if you have a subscription already, cancel it and make a new subscription through the game.

For the free trial offers, you can either continue the subscription afterwards or you can call and cancel the subscription – or, if you subscribe through the App Store, just use the subscription manager to cancel it. Or cancel it online through whatever other website the offer goes through.

For app and game downloads, simply download and then progress however far you need to in order to meet the requirements in the game. These ones should pay Bux faster than most due to games being on a common Apple or Google Play ID.

For offers where it takes an email address to sign up, put in a burner email address if you have a good source, or if you have a backup address for spam email, then put the spam backup in. Make sure that you can check the email though, so that you can confirm the email subscription if needed.

Oftentimes it takes awhile for an offer to show as complete once you complete it, so you won’t earn the Bux yet. Wait for at least one day before you worry about it through. Contact customer service if the Bux don’t show up after a day or two.

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