PewDiePie’s Pixelings: Full Unlock Guide – New Worlds, New Characters, Hard Mode, and more!

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PewDiePie’s Pixelings is the most popular new casual RPG for the iOS and Android starring the Pixelings that first appeared in other Pewds videos and games. You can fight in the arena, fight through one world to discover another orld, and unlock all sorts of new characters, among other things.

Read on for a full guide on how to unlock everything in PewDiePie’s Pixelings!

New Worlds

You start off with Brotown, but that’s not the only world in the game. After that you can play through Floatopia, then Slumberland, then Crushtopia. You can see the names of all four of the worlds whenever you want by going to the Pixeling index in the character area.

To unlock the next world, you need to make it to the top of the previous world and then beat the boss of the world. There is no requirement to how many stars you need, just that you have beaten the boss.

Medium and Hard Mode

The requirements are the same here as they are for unlocking a new world. Beat the easy mode version of one world to unlock the medium mode version of the same world. Beat the medium mode world to unlock a hard mode version of the same world.

You might not be able to actually beat the next difficulty level right away, though, because you’ll be going up against HIGHLY-leveled versions of the characters that you fought in previous iterations of the same level. Level 1 of Brotopia on medium difficulty puts you up against some level 58 Barrys, for example, which are tough for being common characters.

Medium and Hard modes are also where you’re more likely to find Large Chests and Giant Chests for that world, compared to the easy mode.

New Characters

Each new world has its own set of characters. Go to the Pixeling Index to see what they are and to scroll back and forth between worlds. In addition, the Arena counts as its own world, and, thus, has its own set of characters, some of which you had found early on during the tutorial.

If you purchase one of the Market chests, you’ll be able to earn characters from any world, including ones that you had not yet unlocked. But to earn chests with characters from a new world, you need to unlock that specific new world first.

Once you unlock a new world, also, the new characters from that world will start randomly popping up in the store. So if you want a new character quickly, head to the store and drop a new coins on a new character.

Ranked Arena

This mode is not available to the general public yet. Ranked Arena will be available when the developers decide that they’re ready to release it to the public.

When it is available, expect it to be available full time, but expect it to be a full time event, with weekly or biweekly gifts based on your arena rank.

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