PewDiePie’s Pixelings: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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PewDiePie’s Pixelings is a new semi-casual RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that combines the battle systems of Plants vs Zombies and Clash Royale together with idle RPG’s to make for an engaging and surprisingly difficult style of battle. You place Pixelings on screen to take on enemy Pixelings, 3 on 3, with two backups that can be swapped in and out.

Your goal is to win story battles to progress through the single-player mode, win arena battles to get trophies and make your name in the PvP standings, get coins and Bux, upgrade your Pixelings (and earn new ones), and upgrade and unlock your characters and your spells using all of the goodies you find in chests.

Your party members are divided into Range, Troll, and Melee types. Melee types attack the player who’s in the middle of the enemy’s formation, and Range types attack the character who’s right in front of them. Trolls attack whoever the weakest opponent is.

If neither condition for Melee or Range applies at the time, then each of them will attack the closest rival – or, in the case of a middle character with nobody right in front of them, a random rival.

Also, each party member will have vastly differing stats, with different health and damage splitting them into tanks, supports, or assassin, or saboteur types. Pewds and Falcon, for example. are glass cannons, with some of the highest attack power in the whole game, and some of the lowest health in the whole game. Make sure they are both well-protected by tanks

For tanks, Gato is one of the best early ones, and later, Bob is, because they have sky-high health and a massive amount of health, but make sure you put a good assassin type behind them and keep the heal spells coming to keep them from getting knocked off. Maya the dog is both a good tank and a good healer, due to high health and a Heal Random ability.

Be sure to swap your Pixelings back and forth based on who’s getting attacked hardest and who’s low on health. If someone is getting disproportionately weakened, sit them in front of a weak tank to let them recover a bit while you heal them, and swap characters around so that you can buy more time to knock off a strong enemy Pixeling with your spells.

The key to victory is not only knowing the right placements for your characters, but swapping out placements wisely, before your characters have the chance to get knocked off in battle. When someone has very little chance of surviving, swap them out for a high-health backup to not only bolster your offense, but to demoralize your opponent, especially if you have made at least one frag against them so far.

If you need to get more coins quickly, then go to any level that you have already earned three stars on, then hit the Instant Win button. You lose three energy points, but you don’t have to actually play the level again, Always do at least one Instant Win per level so that you can get the bonus player EXP and coins.

If you need to slow it down in order to conserve energy, and get the maximum amount of coins, experience, and perks per energy spent, then do the manual battle instead. Or to spend zero energy and still load up on experience and coins, go to the Arena. You’ll get coins and experience points whether you win or lose, although there is no “instant win” option here.

To get the three-star score, you need to pass the level without losing any one of your characters. Do the same tactics that you do in the arena – simply beat the level and don’t lose any characters, and you will earn three stars. Start on old levels and work your way up if you’re going back through the game to three-star old levels that you have one or two stars on.

You can use the instant win to level-up your characters quickly, or you can give them food. To further upgrade them by using Rank Up, collect cards of said character, then when the card bar is full, go to the character menu and do the Rank Up for a significant stat boost using the cards plus coins.

Hit the store area and you have a lot that you can spend coins on. Chief among them is new character cards – buy these and you’ll have an entirely new character in the party. Save up a ton of coins so that you can buy the Rare Characters, who are always the most powerful ones.

When you get far enough into Brotown, you’ll unlock the medium and hard modes. These, true to their difficulty designations, are severely harder to beat than their easier counterparts, due to higher level opponents. The rewards, of course, are far nicer.

You can collect chests full of rewards when you win a battle, with the maximum number of chests at a time increasing as your player level increases. These chests contain coins, Bux (the premium currency of the game) cards for your Pixelings, and more.

Occasionally, you can speed up the opening of a chest by watching an ad video, so watch the ad as soon as it becomes available. Otherwise, you have to spend Bux for it or sit and wait for it to be ready to open.

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