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PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

You’ll tend to see some types of videos (e.g. Nature or comedy) pop up more than others. Take notice of which videos tend to pop up frequently when you’re making videos so that you can maximize the amount of views and new subscribers that you get by spending your genre-specific brain upgrades on the most common ones. Each genre-specific upgrade costs just two brains yet adds a 50% bonus.

Right now, there are major problems being had with the channel login, where even if players successfully named their channels, they cannot log into them and earn all of the possible bonuses. This is something that is broken all across the game globally at the moment. This is a back end server issue, so expect it to be fixed when the first or second update to the game comes out.

When you go shopping for furniture and other goodies, be sure to prioritize objects that have a genre attached to them, as while they take longer to deliver, they also apply towards leveling up your channel. The higher your level for a specific genre is, the more viewers and subscribers you’ll earn from a video of that matching genre, and improving your overall channel level boosts stats for every video that you put out.

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Bux are the premium currency of the game, and while in-app purchases are one of the main ways to buy them, they tend to be given out pretty generously. The quickest way to earn Bux is to level up both specific genres and your channel as a whole. Bux can speed things up, but if you save then instead of spend them, they build up very quickly.

All of this object accumulation can leave your room extremely crowded, though. You can put away anything that you don’t want to stay out by tapping and holding the item, then selecting the box icon to put it in storage. Or you can simply move it to a better location if you want to keep it out.

There are loads of things that you can purchase in the knowledge tree when you have enough subscribers to unlock them. For example, you can unlock the ability to shoot more than one YouTube video at once, or to take delivery of more than one item at once. Loads of other new skills and upgrades are unlockable as well when you earn enough subscribers to unlock them.

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