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Phantom Breakers – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Phantom Breakers is a new action RPG for the iOS platform. Not to be confused with Phantom Breaker, a Japan only fighting for the PS3 and PS4, this is an action RPG with elements of MMO added to the mix, this also has far more of an exploration element than is typical with mobile role-playing games. Read on for some tips and tricks for Phantom Breakers!

There are a ton of different ways to power up your character in this game, but mainly, you will want to earn new equipment. Explore around each dungeon that you go to rather than just taking the shortest route to the exit. Different corners of the dungeon will have new sets of enemies, and with each set of enemies comes new equipment that they can drop. Tap on this equipment to pick it up, and then when you finish the round, you will be able to equip it on your character, depending on what class of character they are.

In addition to the standard quests, which you can hit the auto populate button to follow, look around the village and talk to people who have things to offer, especially limited edition events. These are some of your best chances to get rare weapons, armor, and other equipment that you can give to your character. Or to make it easier you can open up the NPC menu to get a list of every single nonplayer character in the village who has something of worth to tell you.

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Being that this has a rather involved action RPG battle system, player skill is often times the deciding factor in whether you win a battle or lose a battle. If you come under heavy fire, beat a retreat or make quick movements to avoid the hits. Any skills that you have in the lower right corner of the screen that cause you to do quick movements, use those as well in order to avoid getting hit. And if you are using a close range melee fighter, line enemies up, get them close together, and then hit as many of them as possible with your attacks at the same time.

If you ever get bored with your current server or your current character, start another character, preferably one of a different class so that you get a different look at every single type that you have. Or switch servers if you don’t like the one that you are in now or if it is too crowded. Also, switching to a new server is beneficial if you’re on an old server that is full of players who have abandoned their accounts. You can also complete all of the normal missions in order to unlock higher difficulty levels such as nightmare mode.

Most of the people who play this game neglect the PVP mode, but this is one of the most unique of the game, injecting MOBA elements in. Go to the PVP area of the menu to create your own rooms where players can either fight each other, or can team up to complete missions. Players can even organize into teams to fight other rival teams here.