Phantom Flower: Tips and Cheats – The Strategy Guide

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Phantom Flower is a brand new iOS game with a simple yet difficult premise. The graphics are very unique, indie-looking and beautiful. The game is in black and white, except for the red raindrops (among other things) and your goal is to stop the red raindrops from hitting the ground, while the white raindrops continue to fall and grow the plants underneath. Read on for some tips and tricks for Phantom Flower!

Use multiple fingers to tap around in Phantom Flower. One tap creates one temporary cloud that last for a split second, and the cloud blocks the red raindrops, but doesn’t block the white raindrops. You can make the clouds appear at rapid fire, so sometimes, carpet-bombing in a line is one of the best ways to score a ton of points.

Your points scored is based on how many of the white raindrops fall, not how many overall red raindrops you block. The speeds of the falling drops can differ depending on the game (although usually they remain pretty much the same. So in a way, oftentimes luck has a whole lot to do with your score on each particular round. Restart if you don’t like your luck.

Two different types of clouds will sometimes appear that will help you out. Small clouds will sometimes appear (small white clouds). These are stationary and these will absorb any red drop that hits them. Big white clouds are mobile and will also absorb any red drop that hits them. Don’t tap any of them, because tapping will either move them (small cloud) or remove them (big cloud). You want them around to make the round easier.

Small red clouds, however, are bad. If a red drop hits them, they will roll off, and they often drop red drops of their own. However, use them to your advantage. Tap them in order to move them. Wait until they are either right over a white cloud (so that the red drops fall into them) or right next to white clouds (so that they reflect red droplets from up above into the white clouds).

Want to play the game without ads? Play the game with the data off or with the cellular off and the WiFi off, or simply throw your phone into Airplane Mode and the ads will disappear. It’s generally not recommended to do this, though, as the ads cost you nothing, they earn money for the developer, and enable the developer to continue doing what they love.

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